How Little It Costs

Your Review Campaign

Pricing for Dave’s certified reviews is simple and much less expensive than doing it yourself. There’s a flat fixed price of $200 per month paid in advance for each month, that covers–everything. If at any time you don’t wish to continue the service, then simply stop paying. There is no contract and there is no obligation to continue the service beyond the first month once you begin.

That single fixed price includes every service described in the page of What We Do, with just one exception. If you wish to have business card “please tell us how were doing” notices printed, there will be a charge for printing. Of course, we can also provide original digital graphics for the QR code so that you can have your request printed yourself.

We do all this:

  • Align your listings in the top 40 local directories, so that they all have correct information about your business
  • Set up methods for you to obtain favorable reviews from your real customers
  • Provide methods to get feedback from unhappy customers, outside the review cycle
  • Send you an email notification of each review your receive, and a link that you can use to reply
  • Provide you a monthly report of trends in your ratings overall and for each review site
  • Follow your ratings, and adjust the review sites that are emphasized to your customers, so that your reviews appear on the sites that most benefit you
  • Provide a real-time feed of favorable reviews to post on your Web site

If you decide that you’d like to use a tablet computer in your office to ask for feedback, the tablet computer is not included.  It’ll have to be yours.

Business Directory Synchronization

If you don’t want to use all the services of Dave’s Certified Reviews at this time, there is one option. For a fixed price of $100 we will align your businesses listings in the top 40 business directories. Because some of these directories from time to time don’t accept any corrections, we can’t guarantee that all will be correct; but our correction rate is usually better than 90%.

Why Wait?

Now you’ve seen the entire story

  • Reviews are very important to your business
  • Managing your reviews by yourself takes time that you can better use elsewhere

Why delay?  Contact us now so that we can start managing your reviews as soon as tomorrow.   Don’t lose any more prospects to your competition just because you don’t have as many good reviews as they do.  Just click here to send us an email that will start the whole process.